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Impacting Education Policy in Colorado

CO ASCD, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education, is convening a working group to make recommendations to the State Board of Education in the fall of 2019 regarding rules for a new mentor teacher endorsement and possible changes to the master teachers' license. 

Since CO ASCD had already begun to lay the ground work for convening a working group around updating the master teacher license when the Legislature passed SB19-190, the Teacher Preparation Program Support bill, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) contacted CO ASCD to concurrently work on these tasks. One of the components of this bill is tasking the CDE with the creation of a mentor teacher endorsement. Because of the close alignment with the rules and our Teacher Leadership Micro-credentialing Program, our respective teams have determined that it makes the most sense to address both of these needs concurrently with the same working group. This work begins on Friday, May 24, 2019 furthering into August in order to present to the State Board of Education.


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