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Our Story

and how we empower educators around the state.

CO ASCD, the official Colorado State Affiliate of ASCD, has been empowering educators since 1965. As one of the oldest education organizations in our state, we operate by creating and curating innovative, research based strategies to engage you and your students, propel your voice through advocating for your needs at the state and federal level, and  create connections across the educational sector. 




The CO ASCD experience is filled with networking opportunities with world-renowned authors, innovative PK-20 professional growth and learning experts, and colleagues across the state and country. Each experience supports ASCD's vision for The Whole Child to be safe, healthy, challenged, engaged, and supported. 

Our Colorado affiliate comprises over 1,000 members and partners. Ranging in experience and positions - from superintendents and principals, to teachers, retirees, students, and even passionate advocates. We boast a diverse, nonpartisan membership, and seek to project a powerful, unified voice to top decision-makers in Colorado education. 

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"It's not often you find an education organization that provides everything you need as a professional. I've found that in CO ASCD."


- Jill Lewis, CO ASCD Past President

CO ASCD, the official affiliate of ASCD, provides innovative, research-based resources and professional learning for educators statewide. To us, an engaged student is a learning one. 

How We Serve You

Experts Panel


At CO ASCD, we want to help educators participate more closely on all levels with the politics that shape education. We like our educators informed and empowered! This is where we make our largest impact on the future of education.



How would education change if every student had a village of educators working to support them? CO ASCD members are invited to attend a networking event with us and help us build a community of educators!

Circular Library


CO ASCD's resources are created by educators, for educators. It is by having a conversation about what works for real educators that we find the best information to enrich the education system. 

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