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CO ASCD works with companies, governmental bodies, non-profits, and other organizations to advocate for educators and learners.


The organizations listed below have contributed more than just funding. Their contribution of ideas, time, resources, and more are building a better future for the Colorado Education system.


CO ASCD is the official state affiliate of ASCD. ASCD is a passionate community of life-changing educators. This community is empowered to be equity and instructional warriors who transform vision into practice. For 75 years ASCD hasworked side by side with educators from every level in all 50 states and more than 200 countries to help them find their people and amplify their voice to reach many. Professional learning services let educators chart their own learning journey, as educators, as leaders, so they and their students can flourish.  


CO ASCD has partnered with the Colorado Department of Education in the creation of teacher mentor standards and teacher leadership standards for Colorado educators. The teacher leadership standards offer a new pathway for teachers to earn a Master Teacher Certificate, and the CO ASCD teacher leadership micro-credentials are aligned with these standards. 

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Innovation Education Colorado (InnEdCO), formerly Technology in Education Colorado (TIE), is an educational non-profit that exists to inspire and sustain communities of innovative learners. We strive to tell the story of education innovation, risk-taking, and problem-solving across Colorado. We seek to engage in meaningful and ongoing institutional, district, school, and individual partnerships to connect and inspire educators to grow their practice.


InnEdCO hosts an annual summer conference open to all K-12 Educators focused around improving innovative practices and approaches to learning (learn more at As well, InnEdCO plans to expand its learning opportunities to provide on-site events throughout the year in partnership with our School District Partners as well as our friends at Google and Microsoft; online learning opportunities are also in the works as we launch our online learning platform later this summer.


At InnEdCO, we believe that equitable education consists of innovation that uplifts and supports students and educators of all backgrounds - we do that through ensuring Inclusion, Self Awareness, Community, Voice, and Safety are at the forefront of all decisions, programming, and opportunities InnEdCO is a part of.


Our core beliefs - 

We believe that building connections between educators within and between districts will enhance the capacity and desire to innovate and develop equitable learning environments.

We believe that our organization is at its most helpful when it is providing opportunities for educators to connect their ideas, work toward common visions and celebrate with one another. 

We believe in empowering educators to experience a vast range of new possibilities with innovative learning experiences that meet their constraints (time, cost, etc).

We believe all learners deserve innovative learning environments and believe that developing educators is the best way to get there.

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Join us in creating resources, advocating for educators, and supporting the learning of students in Colorado.

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