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CO ASCD's Teacher Leader specialized micro-credentials are pathways in which educators can further hone leadership skills. These pathways are crucial in supporting teachers and students in the classroom, who are leaders or aspiring leaders, gain the necessary skills to make a larger impact within the school, district, state, national, or even the international level.


In order to complete these Micro-credentials, you must have already completed the three foundational Micro-credentials. Determining your specialty pathway is dependent upon your core values, your vision, and your mission as a leader in education. CO ASCD's Teacher as Learner and Leader Foundational micro-credential will help you identify those areas first allowing you to choose the pathway that most appeals to you!

Teacher as Advocate

When teachers act as advocates for their students and the profession, using their voice strategically, they can help policymakers understand the consequences of their policies for teaching and learning and influence policy in ways that yield the best possible outcomes and minimize unintended consequences. 

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Teacher as Champion of Equity and Cultural Diversity

The demographics of the school population have changed dramatically over the last several decades, with students of color becoming the majority for the first time in 2014. Diversity is expected to continually increase for the coming decades. Unless we take actions to address diversity and equity of all kinds, the achievement gaps that exist between students will continue to exist.

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Teacher as Mentor

When teachers are mentors, they provide a safe haven for growth among their colleagues and growth of the learner, thus increasing the capacity of each person throughout the entire system.

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