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ASCD EDAdvantage

A compilation of expert advice pertaining to challenges in education

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ASCD's EDAvantage includes articles, tools and videos on hot topics currently experienced every day in the classroom, school, and district environments. ASCD's EDAvantage inaugural issue was created by a group of Constituent Services leaders who called for content, selected submissions for inclusion, and assisted in the editing and publishing of a virtual collection of original resources.


All contributors are practitioners and experts from our ASCD Community. Each issue of ASCD's EDAdvantage will be housed using Dropbox's Showcase service, enabling you to read the current issue, as well as archived issues.  This is a resource available only to members. If you are a donor and wish to upgrade your privileges, sign up for your membership here!


March 2019

School Safety

​​At a time when schools are examining all their options to provide a safe, secure environment for students and the teachers who serve them, ASCD EDAdvantage provides thought leadership on how to best plan for and implement classrooms and schools that address the challenges and opportunities facing our learning communities.


June 2019

Trauma-Informed Schools

​​In meeting the needs of the Whole Child, schools, teachers and educator preparation programs continue to evolve their practices to address the reality of how trauma impacts children as people and as learners. In this issue, we offer a collection of original articles, videos and tools created by pioneering voices addressing this significant challenge.


September 2019

The Whole Teacher

​​In supporting the Whole Child, ASCD promotes the well-being of the Whole Teacher in every aspect, including relationship-building, work-life balance and professional learning and supports that bolster teacher mental, emotional and physical health. How do we champion educator wellbeing through self-care and organizational policies, practices and services that promote thriving professionals in a vibrant, supportive community who serves as models for the students and families they serve? In this edition we address the needs of The Whole Teacher.


December 2019

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Practices

​​In supporting the Whole Child, the December 2019 issue of ASCD EDAdvantage focuses on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Practices. How are we champions for our students’ growth and development in and outside of our classrooms? How do we serve our schools and communities as evolving educators who understand the importance of cultural responsiveness? How do we accelerate learning through culturally responsive practices? How has Culturally Responsive Pedagogy changed your teaching and/or leading practices? Culturally Responsive Teaching is a powerful method to shift students' perspectives of themselves and their ability to succeed in an academic setting.

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