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Teacher & Student Well-Being Webinar Series

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Pause...Take a Deep Breath:  Mental Health in the Classroom

Feeling exhausted and discouraged? Is your plate fuller than you would like it to be? You are not alone! To a greater or lesser degree, we are all living in a time of emotional distress, exacerbated by a global pandemic that has been going on longer than anyone expected. The current situation has been particularly challenging for families with school-age kids and, of course, for educators. This session will incorporate mindfulness, deep breathing, and yoga in the classroom to relieve stress and anxiety and to open channels of self-expression in a safe environment.

The good news is that mental health education can be integrated into the curriculum in a way that does not overburden teachers. In fact, mindfulness, deep breathing, and yoga are among the most effective coping strategies to manage stress, build resilience, and improve cognitive brain functions such as concentration, working memory, problem solving, and attention to detail. They are also valuable tools in positive classroom management. 

By focusing on mental and emotional well-being, we can engage our students more fully. We can also boost our own psychological state, which, in turn, may help us be more present, centered, and balanced in the classroom and beyond. 


This session will take you on a journey that interweaves research and practices that will help you unwind and that can be easily adapted to any educational setting.  


Presented by

Dr. Monica Mulholland

Language educator, speaker, yogi, and global advocate for mental-health awareness


Dr. Monica Mulholland was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she graduated as a teacher of English in 1988. She has lived in the United States since 2002, and she holds a Ph.D. in Spanish Literature from the Catholic University of America and a Graduate Certificate in TESOL from George Mason University. Currently, she teaches at Colorado Early Colleges High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, and she is also the founder of Transformations: Languages & Coaching, LLC for professional development. In an environment of support and affection, she strives to empower her colleagues to find or rediscover their creative genius and develop as more engaged and resourceful professionals. Monica is known for incorporating yoga and deep-breathing practices in her classes, which has helped her students immensely during the Covid-19 pandemic. For further information, please, visit her website at

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Social Emotional Learning: The Vital Component of a Balanced Resilient Student

This presentation will include three basic parts:

  1. The Data: A reminder of the crisis that we and our students are living. We must properly frame the issues, challenges, losses, and stress that we are facing.  There are negative consequences happening in the world, our country, community, and especially to our young people due to not only the pandemic, but other factors as well.  We must understand that we cannot shield our young people from these consequences, so we must teach them how to live well despite the circumstances they are facing.

  2. A Way to Cope and Stay Connected: I will share two practical, successful methods that have been tested in the classroom, that will help students grow more resilient and emotionally intelligent.

  3. Discussion: Questions and comments within the group.


Presented by

Chelley Gardner-Smith

Chelley is a retired teacher from Mountain Ridge Middle School in Colorado Springs. She has many years of research and experience with social and emotional learning, including developing curriculum, training under Marc Bracket of Yale University, leading students, and staff with the Sources of Strength paradigms, and integrating methodologies of Capturing Kids’ Hearts. 

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Relax Your Brain, Embrace Vulnerability and Pass Your Umbrella

It's been a year like none other. You have worked hard, learned a lot, and probably made some mistakes along the way. Summer is fast approaching and while you may not have the summer off, it is often a time for reflection and growth. In this webinar, you are going to learn strategies that will help you realize that your year was better than you thought. You will also learn the importance of being vulnerable and learning how and when to ask for help. Participants will leave feeling good about themselves and excited about their future.

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Presented by Jon Harper

During his 23 years in education, Jon Harper has been a classroom teacher, a math coach and currently serves as the assistant principal at New Directions Learning Academy in Cambridge, Maryland. Jon is the host of My Bad Radio and Teachers’ Aid. He is also a national and international speaker. His writings have appeared in Educational Leadership, Education Week, ASCD Express and NAESP’s Principal. He lives on the eastern shore of Maryland with his wife and two children. 

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